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  •  3/23/2020

Market Analysis: A Powerful Story for Structured Investments


SIMON is a financial technology platform focused on changing the wealth management experience for financial advisors. That focus relies on our ability to deliver not only education, marketplace, and lifecycle management for the risk-managed products on our platform, but also market analysis when it matters most. The current market is extraordinarily unique, and much like the rest of the financial world, we’ve been keeping an eye on the products on our platform to gauge performance and support financial advisors as they manage portfolios through continually shifting market conditions.

Our team ran an intrinsic value analysis of the 25,000+ live structured investments on our platform that have traded since 2012, but have not yet matured, to see how they are performing through this period of market volatility. As anyone would imagine, the reference underlier has a negative return in 88% of the products since they traded (as of the March 20, 2020 close); however, the embedded risk- management features of these products illustrate an interesting picture when you look more closely:

Based on the current performance of the underliers, intrinsic values of the 88% of products with negative returns show the outperformance available to client portfolios. If the products were to mature with their respective underliers at current levels:

  • 48% would have full return of principal, despite drops in the underliers up to -87%, due to features offering full protection or sufficiently large buffers
  • 24% would have some loss in principal, but outperform an investment in the underlier itself, due to buffer features that offer partial protection
  • 6% would have gains in value despite a drop in the reference underlier, due to an absolute return feature
  • 22% would have losses in line with those of the reference underlier, due to the underlier’s decline below a knock-in barrier or lack of a buffer feature

Representing a significant cross-section of the overall structured investment market, this data illustrates valuable performance insight and underscores why financial advisors leverage structured investments to provide true portfolio protection for their clients. Risk-managed solutions like structured investments can help tailor exposure and embed protective features that are otherwise unavailable through direct investments in stocks or indices.

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  • Product Count: The number of structured investments corresponding to the applicable Underlier Return level and Intrinsic Value level.
  • Underlier Return: For a given structured investment, the difference between the Underlier’s Current Level, as of 03/20/2020, and Initial Level, divided by the Underlier’s Initial Level.
  • Intrinsic Value: For a given structured investment, a calculation of what the payment would be on a structured investment if the Maturity Date for that investment was today, 03/20/2020.

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