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  •  12/13/2021

Our SI Year in Review Is Back! See What Happened in 2021.


Following a year of record sales volume on SIMON, we scoured our expansive universe of 16,000+ offerings bringing in $40bn in volume to unveil an extensive look at the top trends and major shifts in structured investment strategies and features used by financial professionals today.

Learn about how growth and income solutions shared the stage amidst strong performing equity markets and continued low interest rates. Dive into our product data to see which types of protection were most sought out, what the most used underliers were, how record volume of called and matured products on platform drove usage of SIMON’s Lifecycle Portal, and more…

Also, with much appreciation to our clients for their feedback and demand, we share an inside look at the exciting line-up of innovative tools and features coming to SIMON’s structured investment platform in 2022 that will take our users’ businesses to the next level.

Plus, get informed on how SIMON is expanding its asset classes and forming exciting partnerships to enable our clients to grow their offerings and capabilities in today’s evolving wealth management landscape.

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Don’t have access to the SIMON platform but want to learn more? Discover additional resources:

  • Structured investments offer risk-managed growth and income enhancement opportunities. How do they work, and how do you narrow down a large and diverse marketplace for appropriate solutions? Read more in our “Getting Started with Structured Investments” infographic.
  • Sales volume in both market linked growth and market linked income notes grew year over year as investors leaned on both types of solutions to personalize their portfolios. Learn more about how market linked notes work and where they fit in an overall investment strategy in our Market Linked Notes video.
  • Dive into more detail and explore one of the top-trending income strategies of the year with this article, “A Non-Traditional Approach to Generating Yield” or, with the market near all-time highs, discover a way to reduce market risk while maintaining market exposure with this article.
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Say any time with questions or feedback. With tools and analytics to help manage portfolio risk with confidence, SIMON helps financial professionals stay informed on risk-managed and alternative solutions, so they can stay focused on their clients.

Source: SIMON Markets LLC,, as of 10/31/2021. The data in the Report is based upon the notional volume of transactions in structured investment CUSIPs that flowed through SIMON from 11/01/2020 – 10/31/2021, which does not reflect the entire universe of structured investments that were available in the market during this time frame. 


Views expressed only represent the current views of the author as of the date appearing on this material, and are not those of SIMON Markets LLC, unless otherwise expressly noted. This material is intended as general background information, for educational purposes only, and this material should not be used as a primary basis to make an investment decision. The material provides a general overview of the products described, and actual financial instruments may differ materially from those described. No person should consider investing in an instrument on the basis of these materials. Any investment decision should be made only after carefully reviewing the applicable prospectus. Please remember that all instruments described in this material involve a risk of loss. This does not constitute legal, accounting or tax advice, and the recipient should consult with his or her legal, accounting or tax adviser regarding the instruments described in this material.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security, financial product or instrument, or otherwise to participate in any particular trading strategy. In providing information on hypothetical, generic structured investments, SIMON is not recommending a specific security, nor does it recommend investing a certain percentage of a portfolio to one structured investment. Before investing in any product, you should review the prospectus or other offering documents, which contain important information, including the product’s investment objectives or goals, its strategies for achieving those goals, the principal risks of investing in the product, the product’s fees and expenses, and its past performance.

Please note that there is no public secondary market for structured investments. Although the issuer may from time to time make a market in certain structured investments, the issuer does not have any obligation to do so and market making may be discontinued at any time. Accordingly, you must be prepared to hold such investments until maturity. Any or all payments are subject to the creditworthiness of the issuer. SIMON Markets LLC operates a technology platform that makes available offerings of structured investments and annuities to financial professionals. In operating this technology platform, SIMON Markets LLC earns revenue based on the volume of transactions that take place in these products and would benefit by an increase in sales for these products.

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